Dad Crafts a Star Wars Sandcrawler Toy Box For His Son


I always assumed I wasn’t the kind of person who’d be willing to take candy from a baby. A lollipop is easy to resist, but this epic toy box built to look like a miniature Star Wars Sandcrawler? Someone distract Matthew Regonini’s son so I can sneak this wonderful creation into my trunk.

Made from a single piece of plywood that was cut up using a CNC machine, which made it easy to etch all of the intricate detailing, the Sandcrawler was quickly assembled with wood glue and nails. The final touch was hitting it with a blow torch that gave the Sandcrawler a slightly scorched and darkened finish, making it look like it’s been crawling across the sands of Tatooine for years. But for now, it will be roaming Regonini’s playroom in search of abandoned toys.


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