Impossible—Fallout Featurette is Full of Footage of Tom Cruise Doing Inadvisable Things


Tom Cruise, preparing to do something nuts.
Image: Paramount Pictures

I love Tom Cruise. Every Tom Cruise action movie is a joyful montage of Cruise running from setpiece to setpiece, doing a series of immensely inadvisable acrobatic feats that somehow, improbably, all work out in the end.

This new behind-the-scenes look the upcoming Mission: Impossible film is, naturally, full of exactly that, with lovely and immensely dangerous stunt work from Cruise and a warm aura of excitement from everyone involved.

“People talk about the action,” Cruise says in the featurette. “But what they’re responding to is your investment in the characters.”

I dunno, I’m not sure character investment requires jumping out of an airplane.

What does the new mission for Ethan Hunt entail? After watching this featurette, I’m still not sure. But it looks fun. Check it out.

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