Kevin Feige Explains Why Marvel Went to Three Movies a Year


Peter Parker, a very good child.
Image: Marvel Studios

The Marvel Studios release schedule is intense. Three Blockbuster films a year? That’s a lot. But there’s a reason.

According to Kevin Feige, in an interview with CinemaBlend, it’s due to a desire to keep up the pace on both big, broad-storyline-driven films with smaller character introductions and sequels.

He said:

It’s one of the reasons we’ve expanded to three films a year, is so that we could do the sequels to films that people have responded to — because we love to make continuing stories with characters people have responded to — but also keep doing the stuff that nobody’s ever heard of, and people go, ‘Why are you doing that?’ That’s fun. And that’s what Phase One was built on, Phase Two was built on, Phase Three was built on, is having that… Whenever we announce the next year, two years, three years, five years, whatever we’re going to announce, there will be plenty of those that, maybe people in the know like yourself will know what they are, but the world at large will go, ‘What is it? Why are they doing that?’ That’s exciting, for sure

It makes sense: a higher volume of films allows Marvel to introduce more variation in its regular releases, dishing out movies like Black Panther and movies like Infinity War without major downtime between either type. It’s smart; it’s also a breakneck pace. We’ll see how long Marvel Studios manages it.

[Cinema Blend]

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