Get DarkSky’s Hyperlocal Weather Forecasting on Alexa With This Skill


If you look back at my Alexa history, the most common question I ask is what the weather is. In San Francisco, the temperature outside can typically range from 50 to 75 each day, and before I make the trek down three flights of stairs with my pup for our morning stroll, I typically want to know what end of the spectrum we happen to be on today.

Getting the general weather info for your city is great, but if you live in a microclimate like SF where the weather varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, it can get a bit trickier.

On my phone, I use Dark Sky. As it turns out, there’s a skill for Alexa that allows you to use it there as well. It’s name: BigSky.

Just like Dark Sky, the skill can give you an hour-by-hour based on your actual street address. It also works for other addresses, so you can ask what the weather is at your Mom’s house this weekend, or what the wind speed with be at Disneyworld when you try to run that marathon. You can also ask questions about when it’s going to rain, the humidity, and even the barometric pressure.

It’s a lot more powerful than the built-in weather skill and oh so useful.

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